GeoGlobe is an engineering company specialising in development and delivery of geotechnical solutions to various engineering projects with particular expertise on soil investigation, geophysics, oceanography and hydrography. The company has ability to perform geotechnical operations on all sorts of terrain, covering onshore, transition zone and shallow water areas. 

As a complete service company for development of infrastructure, civil engineering and energy projects, Geoglobe utilises a combination of detailed soil investigation and state of art technologies as well as specially designed vehicles to provide customers with best possible data to work with. Geoglobe operates its own soil investigation laboratory equipped with modern digital technology providing accurate data on samples physical and mechanical properties, meeting ASTM, BSI, EN and GOST standards. Laboratory core storage ensures that customers samples are preserved in pristine condition for further analysis and comparison.



Specialised operations are executed by an experienced team of geotechnical engineers and technologists. GeoGlobe staff has accumulated significant experience in the field of geotechnical, geophysical and exploratory services by implementing numerous projects across the region with market leaders such as: Van Oord, Witteveen+Bos, Royal Haskoning and many others. Our administrative and technical staff always ensures to do its best to satisfy customer needs, offering cost-effective, timely and practical solutions.



In order to complete complex technical tasks and acquire accurate data, GeoGlobe utilises range of modern sophisticated equipment by renowned manufacturers such as Trimble, Valeport, Ardco, Faro, Klein and Tritech. The laboratory uses digital equipment manufactured by ELE securing small room for error compared to older traditional equipment.